Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shantala at Hubbard Hall

To heck with attempting to catch up with the chronology of our move. This is going to be out of order spur of the moment news mixed with my scattered attempts at showing some of the thousands of photos I've taken in recent years.

Tonight, Gina and Ajanta and I went to see Shantala play at Hubbard Hall here in town. Never thought I would be much into Kirtan (sacred chanting) but it was quite amazing. Benjy Wertheimer is a virtuoso tabla and esraj player that has studied with some of the great masters. It was quite an honor to hear him play here in our sleepy little farming town.

Predictably, Ajanta fell asleep about half way through. She does that every time we go to anything at Hubbard Hall, however mightily she tries to stay awake. Tonight, she asked for tea since she knows that keeps you awake, but of course we gave her decaf.